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Attention Home and Virtual Business Wannabes and Freelancers…

Have you ever wanted to build your own business or freelancing company

with a steady stream of clients who need your help?

I’m sure everyone has wanted to work for themselves at one point or another in their lives but their dreams have been blocked by uncertainty and other obligations. This can be very frustrating when you don’t know where or how to start building a business platform. We understand and we have a Plan for you! We’ve trained many people to move forward and Start Their Small Business.

“Change is inevitable, except from the vending machine!” …. Robert G. Gallagher

We see a steady stream of people who are interested in working for themselves to learn more about our Certification Programs. We help them evolve into confident business owners working for themselves in some of the biggest industries. We’ve seen amazing and rapid results that has led to increased income, more confidence, and the ability to choose great clients that you will want to work with. This is basically everything a business owner needs and could dream about!

Now It’s Your Turn. Make the Dream Come True.

As a web-savvy marketer and talented professional, you should be acknowledged as the expert and “professional” in your field, with businesses banging down your door to get access to your skills and expertise.

Now Open for a Limited Time at an Affordable Price

Virtual Professional
Certification Programs

What You Will Learn:

  • The Certification Programs include Advanced Training

  • Your Investment Can Pay Off With Just One Client

  • You Will Receive the Materials You Need to Work With Clients

  • You Will Learn How to Interview and Obtain Clients

  • The Demand for Virtual Professionals and Freelancers is about to go way up.

  • The Final Step in This Journey is Certification.

Business Owners nationwide have responded enthusiastically to the Certification Programs. They get more time to make more money and get better SEO Ranking and Results.

Freelancers benefit by having the training and support to build their business and make more money.

Smart business owners from every field, both large and small, know that they need top-quality services to stand out among their competitors. They know that our Certification Program only Certifies the Best Students.

In fact, the number one and two problems that businesses have when they figure out that it’s time to hire someone to do their tasks are:

  1.  Where  Can I Find Someone Who Has Been Professional Trained for this Job
  2.  Where Will I find Them?

And with the many “done for you” offerings that the Virtual Professional Training Center has, there will be an even greater demand for the well-qualified Professionals like Yourself.

Every minute, businesses are exposed to thousands of pieces of mediocre content. Most of these poorly written word puddles lack any kind of real business strategy. You will learn better than this.

“Just-ok” business strategies worked for awhile — but these strategies don’t cut it anymore. Businesses need the kind of professionals who can combine talent with strategy.

Businesses need the kind of professionals who have some “poet” or “prowess” in their makeup (who can provide the Professionalism that attracts and engages new audiences).


They Need YOU! They Just Haven’t Figured It Out Yet.

We all know that our clients want us to cut-to-the-chase and nail things down to one bullet point. Having a niche, will make you an expert.

This takes specific expertise on your part. Knowing your Niche incredibly well will put you in that position to nail it. Smaller niches may mean fewer clients, but more money for those who have the ability to support it.

Your clients want an easy-to-understand reassurance that that they picked the right person for the job. Part of that will comes from your own marketing — your own ability to blog and create consistent social media marketing for yourself.

Most of this reassurance will come from the competence you’ve shown you’ve been hired. We’ll show you how to nail that.

But we’d like to offer this 3rd-party Certification as the reassurance and validation that you truly are as terrific as you say you are.

You’ll be backed by the Social Media Fusion name — the most recognized name on the web when it comes to Professional marketing excellence. You can look potential clients in the eye and confidently say, “I’m certified.”

Advanced Education So You Have Guidance
That Fits Most Every Situation.

Our Programs are not only about producing the kind of support that your clients want and need.

It’s also about creating the kind of support and interaction for your clients (and yourself) that lays the path for additional leads and sales as well as higher Ranking on the Search Engines.

Here’s what’s in the course —

You’ll get two modules a week, over a span of four weeks. We’re spacing the modules out in order to allow you to truly understand what you are reviewing and learning so you stay sharp — each week we will give you material to work on, not just “consume and forget.”

Remember when I said you had to have a bit of the “killer” to position yourself in the top tier?

Our, Virtual Professional Training Center’s CEO, Kathy Goldman, has teamed up with former VPTC Student, Jennifer Reichelt, to produce an advanced Content Mastery course that forms the cornerstone of the certification program.

In this program, Kathy and Jennifer deliver 8 in-depth sessions on exactly what it takes to become a “next level” expert content creator. Then in the bonus sessions, we will dive deeper into specific tools you need to be using to maintain your Mastery.

Week One and Two 

Small Business Plan

  • Laying the Foundation for Your Business
  • Determine Your Business Purpose
  • Research That Purpose and that Industry
  • Build Your Business Strategy – What is Your Vision
  • Creating the Business Plan
  • Clarify that Model to See if You Have the What Ifs covered
  • Creating a Master Budget Which Includes


  • Small business loans, Small business grants, Angel investors
  • Startup Expenses
  • Opening Day Balance
  • Product Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Adverting
  • 12 month Cash Flow
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Profit & Loss

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