5 Tips for Posting Photos/graphics

5 Tips for Posting Photos/Graphics legally.

Blue Checkmark. Says you have done this right.

Always follow copyright restrictions.

You post a lot of photos. Here are 5 Tips for Posting Photos

Publish Wisely. Permission-based Only!

You must be very careful when you post photos and graphics that are not of you or taken by you. For example, You can take and post a photo of the parade, but you cannot take a photo of the kids across the route eating their ice cream and post it (without written parental permission). If you really want to be able to publish this type of photo, get written permission (signed and dated with what you intend to do with the photo. Be specific)

If you should download a picture or graphic and are unsure if you need to add copyright information, first look at the Terms of Use. If you don’t understand the Terms, then add the copyright information anyway. It is better to add copyright information than to ignore it. Cover your bases or you will find yourself with huge copyright use fines. Typically, copyright terms indicate you must give credit to the person or entity who owns the graphic or photo and add a link to their website. 

Another option is to utilize your own photos and graphics all the time. No copyright issues there!

Listening to music on headphones.

Brad is listening to a new band. He hopes to get them to sign up for the latest county fair. Seems like he likes them.

Names are Off Limits.

Do not publish name of individuals in the photos unless the photo is of yourself or of someone who has given you permission to use their name. Names are not necessary when telling the story unless you have permission. Tell a story about the photo in the caption. The viewer likes to know what is special about the photo.

Location, Location.

Use Geo-tagging to help get Search Engine traffic based on location. Online map sites like Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing and MapQuest are very intuitive in linking locations with search terms. This is a valuable resource many people overlook!

Where Should You Publish?

Make a list of all the local websites that you may be able to share this information with. Check the local newspaper, the local blogs, coupon books and your local directories. Need help finding out what these locations are? Contact us. We can help!

It’s Not About You!

As with any Social Marketing; it is not about you. It’s about what you think your readers want to know about. Do not: be self-promoting; send out only ads or listings; publish every day. Use common sense and think about what you would enjoy seeing from other people. The grand kids or pets are fine every now and again. See how we posted this from a picnic. These are two beautiful kids. Notice that we don’t use their names or where the picture was taken. This is really for the safety of the children. Use your judgment. 

boy and girl sitting at picnic table

Whatever you do, be sure to give credit if an image is not owned by you.

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