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Write Articles for SEO Ranking

Write Articles for SEO Ranking

You may have heard about “search engine optimization” while doing some research into attracting traffic to your website, but do you know what it means? A lot of website owners and business professionals come to falsely believe that it is a simple way of getting to the top of search engine results by filling the pages of their website with the most popular “keywords”. This is a big mistake, and is one of the major reasons that savvy professionals turn to SEO article writing services to improve their website performance.


Very early in the history of the Internet websites might appear at the top of a search engine’s list of results because of a mass of specific terms and words. These are now known as keywords. Since that time, however, the algorithms and systems used by search engines around the world have changed dramatically. Now your website has to have a level of authority if it is to get a top ranking. SEO article writing services can often help to establish this authority through well-written and effectively phrased materials.

Keywords, keyword phrases and long-tail keywords


Keywords are very important, don’t get me wrong. However they don’t work if they aren’t combined with many other technical factors. You need to have a compelling title, topic, incoming links, outgoing links, accurate meta information. These pieces will help round out the graphics and hyperlinks within the article. When you write articles and submit them to the right places you receive a link back to your website/blog. These link-backs from MAJOR ranking websites will help increase the credibility of your website with the search engines and they will tend to rank your website higher.

Another reason to write Articles for SEO Ranking is the Commenting. If you are reading someone else’s article; comment on it. Make sure you get a link back to your own website. Also, refer specifically to items within their article. Having these keyword reference is like a second or third reference. And these references are important. (source: snapagency.com)


Articles are typically much longer than a blog post with more applicable and comparable topic information. Back in the entry days of blogging, when most people didn’t know what it was or how to use them, the blogs were primarily personal. People wrote for their friends and family. That soon changed and businesses began to communicate with their potential clients with business blogs. These blogs were filled with sales information and a good length for the post was about 500 words. Now, the average number of words in a blog post has risen significantly. 

Take a look at the graph below which has data that comes directly from Google itself. As you can tell, the number one position across all industries sits right above 2,450 words.

Google Study Shows Ideal Blog Post Length has increased dramatically.

Consider that the Ideal Length of Blogs has been show to increase shares, than longer articles should receive the same attention. You want your information shared consistently and that means providing quality content. Quality content is what you know about. It’s your expertise. It’s your experience. Consider the purpose for the article before you write it. Do you want readers to learn something? Do you want them to react? Do you want them to take a survey? So many options, but write about it because you know about it.


If you are don’t have the time to learn the technology that makes social media marketing work, consider hiring a GhostWriter. A ghostwriter is someone who writes and maintains your social media platforms. A good ghostwriting or SEO service (www.SocialMarketingFusion.com) will submit original articles to the major directories on a very regular basis – sometimes as frequently as every 48 hours. These writings will also usually include blog postings too. When someone uses a search engine to seek articles about topics that interest them, the engine recognizes the terminology and frequency.


If you are consistent in updating, you will become an authority on that topic. Your rank for your website will increase to a higher position in the results. When this is added to the terminology, keywords and long-tail keywords appearing in the regular blog postings, search engine results keep improving and more traffic visits the site. In addition to the many links that blog and article readers create to your site with comments and shares.

This blog post is considered quite short in comparison to the chart above. At this point, we are at slightly more than 700 words. When you write Articles for SEO Ranking, try to come up with as much information as possible to lengthen the article. However, don’t do it to the point where you are babbling about insignificant information or repeating yourself redundantly. People will share your information when written within the guidelines of the technology, seo optimization, and expertise necessary to obtain higher ranking, more shares, more leads, more links and better readability. 

So consider that if you Write Articles for SEO Rankings, you will probably be seeing the results. That is a whole new topic about Analytics and we will visit that soon.

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